Holiday on Elba Island: 5 things to do in spring

Elba Island in spring

Elba Island is beautiful to see throughout the year. But in spring it is cloaked in a very special atmosphere, for a series of reasons, first of all the blossoming nature. Are you also convinced to organize a holiday in this season? Here there are the five things to do.


1. Sport

If for you holiday is synonymous with sporting activity, preferably en plain air, then Elba Island in spring is really the place for you. Because, thanks to the pleasant temperatures, the mild climate and the reduced possibility of finding bad weather, practicing these five sports will be a real pleasure:

  • Diving;
  • Trekking;
  • Snorkeling;
  • MTB;
  • Kayak.

You just have to choose your favorite and prepare everything you need.


2. Discover Napoleon’s places

From May 4th 1814 to February 27th 1815, the first French emperor lived in exile on Elba. A period that lasted almost one year during which Napoleon Bonaparte profoundly changed the face of the island. And it is possible to retrace this period visiting the Napoleonic sites of Elba Island, those where the imprint of the first French emperor is, even today, more marked:

  • Villa dei Mulini;
  • Villa San Martino;
  • Museo della Misericordia;
  • Casetta Drouot;
  • Sedia di Napoleone;
  • Fonte di Napoleone;
  • Isola Paolina.


3. Hiking

The nature of Elba Island is simply spectacular in this season. An element that will make these excursions even more beautiful: Capanne Mount, nearby island, hermitages, Grande traversata elbana, Anello occidentale. You don’t necessarily have to be a sportsman but just have a great desire to walk.


4. Taste the typical dishes

It’s not a holiday if you don’t taste the local dishes. This holiday in spring will certainly not be an exception: among the things to eat on Elba Island, an honorable mention belongs to specialties such as stoccafisso alla riese, gurguglione, caciucco and schiaccia briaca.


5. Enjoy the beaches

Yes, beaches. Because spring ends in late June. In this month, you will find all the best conditions to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island: places like Delle Ghiaie, Felciaio and Cavoli (just to mention some of the most famous) will leave you speechless. Seeing is believing.

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