Elba Island extreme sports: adrenaline and adventure

Elba Island extreme sportsAdrenaline and adventure. Is what you’re looking for? Elba Island is one of the best destinations for the extreme sports. To practice your favorite sport in scenarios always in balance between see and mountains.



Monte Capanne, Monte Perone, Volterraio, Norsi and Monte Orello are the Elba Island places for the paraglider. On the Island isn’t possible to take long flights by paraglider, but you’ll soar in landscapes made of sea, mountains, fields and small towns. Those flights are suitable both for beginners and experts.


Free climbing

Perhaps the extreme sport for excellence, and on Elba Island there are plenty of places where you can practice free climbing: Baia dei Pirati, falesia Ginepro, Fetovaia (one of the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island) ), Grotta del Ginepro, la Freccia, Madonna del Monte, Remaiolo, San Bartolomeo, Monte Perone. Many of these places are located along the coast, other in the backcountry.


Shipwreck scuba diving

Among the most exciting diving experiences offered by Elba Island there are those in the shipwreck. For the more experienced diver there are the Elviscot shipwreck (Pomonte), the so-called unknown shipwreck (a mile from Scoglietto), an ancient Roman ship (not far from the port of Marciana Marina), the minelayer FR70 (about eight miles from the south-west coast of the island).



Golfo Stella, Lido di Capoliveri and Chiessi are the Elba Island best spots where to kite surfing. Those are all beaches, so the start is easy and the wind is steady. Just be careful during the summer time, when the beaches are crowded.



Among the Elba Island extreme sports has to be mentioned windsurf. Chiessi is one of the best spots. Other spots appreciated by beginners and experts are Schiopparello and the Capoliveri area (Lido, Margidore, l’Innamorata, Naregno). Other spots are in the western part of Elba Island: Capo Sant’Andrea and Pomonte.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/24447142@N07

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