Balloon on the seashore, here is Elba Island narrated with comics


Beaches and excursions are two of the best ways to discover Elba Island. But not the only ones. Especially if you are balloon lovers. Because, and it’s a thing that few people know, Elba is protagonist also of the comics’ world. In particular, these three.

  1. Il Prigioniero di Porto Azzurro. (The prisoner of Porto Azzurro). His gaze in the photo is unmistakable. In the comic book The Prisoner of Porto Azzurro, Diabolik has to count on his abilities to escape from the jail of San Giacomo, in Porto Azzurro. And he will succeed just with the help of the sensual Eva Kant.
  2. La vera storia di Palamita Jane. (The real story of Palamita Jane). A surprise cartoonist. Massimo Poli is more famous for his culinary abilities. But he was able to create The real story of Palamita Jane. The protagonist is a heroine who protects the seas of Elba Island and lives in Enfola. Illustrated by Gianluigi Castelli, it’s a comic book but also a way to discover in a non-formal way the recipes of Elba Island.
  3. Elba: La Profezia di Nerina. (Elba: the Prophecy of Nerina). Napoleon’s Legacy is an awarded and appreciated webseries. And it’s natural evolution is obviously the comic: the launch will be in November, so we just have to wait.

Finally, the union between comics and Elba Island is sanctioned by a character who doesn’t need introductions in the world of the made in Italy balloon. We are talking about Oreste del Buono, originating in Elba, who in 1971 became art director of the famous Linus sheet. OdB (his pseudonym) had a crucial role in letting know the  comic stripes of Penauts, Corto Maltese, Calvin & Hobbes, l’Eternauta, Valentina and Dick Tracy.


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