Elba Island: the 10 most important things to see in Campo nell’Elba

campo nell'elba what to see

Campo nell’Elba is there, easy to reach both from Portoferraio and Capoliveri. Or it will be the destination of your holiday in Elba Island. In both cases, you’ll need to know what are the most important things to see in this destination.

  1. Fetovaia beach. One of the most beautiful in Elba island and also between the most photographed: two hundred meters of white sand and incredible turquoise sea. What else can you desire from a beach?
  2. Pianosa. A little isle just 13km far from Elba island. Here you can spend an entire day considering that the things to see in Pianosa are several, such as forte Teglia, palazzo della Specola and the catacombs.
  3. Chiesa di San Mamiliano. It’s a really ancient church, maybe of proto-Romanesque. Inside you can admire the precious “San Mamiliano di Montecristo che uccide il drago” painting, made in the XIX century.
  4. Chiesa di San Niccolò. It’s in San Piero in Campo and, originally, it was dedicated to Peter and Paul Saints. The church was built in the VII century on the rests of a temple dedicated to Glaucus.
  5. Chiesa di Sant’Ilario. It’s in the locality of the same name. It’s Romanesque and the façade and the inside are Baroque. The church is in the walls of the Pisan fortifications.
  6. Monte Capanne. One of the most famous trekking path of Elba island. From its peak there’s a wonderful view of all the isle. Also in this case, you’ll spend an entire day.
  7. Torre di Marina di Campo. It’s circular and its existence is attestated since 1596.
  8. Necropolis of Piane alla Sughera. It’s on the upland that dominates Secchetto. On the site you can see ancient menhirs and some of the so-called “sassi ritti”.
  9. Megalithic site of Sassi Ritti. It’s a Megalithic complex composed by some aniconic menhirs, also called “sassi ritti”. The site is near San Piero in Campo.
  10. Megalithic circle of Monte Còcchero. It’s on the high ground of the same name. It was realized in 1960 by the archaeologist Giorgio Monaco, adapting some natural monoliths.

These are the most important things to see in Campo nell’Elba. But they’re certainly not the only: if you want to know also the attractions of this place, you can visit the official site of the municipality of Campo nell’Elba, Comune.camponellelba.li.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/royluck

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