Elba Island: the mysterious charm of Calamita beach

Calamita beach, Elba

Welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches of Capoliveri. A very secluded place, hard to reach, but for this even more valuable. A unique place also in the various landscape of beaches in Elba Island. All this is Calamita mine beach, near Capoliveri.


The beach

Wild like no other in the island. Calamita beach is made of dark gravel mixed with sand and stones, in sharp contrast with the deep blue sea. The coast is very steep and there are still traces of the mining past of the area. A stretch of coastline that still exerts a great charm.


For who’s recommended

Surely this beach is for all those who are not afraid to move to get a very special beach, the one of the kind you will not forget easily. Relaxation and tranquility are assured. But there is no kind of service, and considering the area where the beach lies, it isn’t recommended if you are spending a holiday with the whole family.


How to get to Calamita beach

It is located in the mining area of the island. There are several ways to get there by land, but, for safety reasons, are all closed. So the only way to reach the beach is by sea, you can rent a boat or enjoy a boat tour starting from Capoliveri: makes a stop on this beach.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/31985373@N00

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