Elba Island by night: among restaurants, clubs and discos

Elba Island by nightAn enviable sea and unspoiled nature: Elba Island is rightly known as paradise for relaxation and outdoor sports. This during the day. Elba Island offers a lot of fun even by night: bars, clubs and restaurants, you have a lot of choice.



The main two are: the famous Club 64, near Portoferraio, a nightclub overlooking the beaches of Biodola and Scaglieri; Deco (many inhabitants of Elba Island know it by the old name of Ophir), near Capoliveri, is frequented mostly by young people. These are the tips for those who want to dance until dawn.


Bars and pubs

For those who want to chose every night a different kind of place, the destination is Portoferraio. Especially in its historic center and seafront are pubs, wine bars, restaurants. This places, especially during the summer, are always very popular and organize special events.



One can’t speak of holidays without tasting the typical dishes of Elba Island, as cacciucco, stockfish, schiaccia briaca, gurguglione. In the main towns of the island (as Portoferraio, Capoliveri, Marina di Campo) there are many restaurants and trattorias where to sit, with a view of the sea, and enjoy these culinary delights.



Each resort of Elba Island is a special place that offers unique views, overlooking the sea or embraced by the mountains. In the old town of Portoferraio and marina Capoliveri there are two walks you don’t want to miss during your vacation. For an evening dedicated to relaxation and romance.



Sansone, Padulella, Felciaio and Cavoli are some of the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island. During the day, these beaches are ideal to enjoy sun, sea and relaxation. By night, on the larger beaches of Capoliveri and Portoferraio are often organized small parties, particularly during the summer.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/24063093@N07

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