Elba Island: how to embark the bicycle on the ferry

Elba island bicycle ferry

You want to bring the bike on Elba island, since the two wheels is the inseparable companion of your holiday and this won’t certainly be an exception. Do you need to know how to get it on board of the ferry? Here you will find all the information you need plus some good advice to organize a holiday dedicated to sports and open air.


2 things to know

Do you have a car on the ferry or not? Because, depending on this decision, the methods to reserve the place for the bicycle also change.

  • If you have opted to board the car, then the thing is simple: you can safely carry the bike if properly mounted on the luggage rack of the car. When booking, however, you must specify the model, size of the car and if there is a luggage rack.
  • If you don’t want to board a car, then, to bring the bicycle on the ferry, call our call center, number 0565 960130: one of our operators will give you all the necessary information and will guide you step by step through the booking process.



If you have chosen to embark a bike on the ferry, maybe you are MTB fans who, for their holidays, dream of jogging on challenging but suggestive paths, surrounded by nature or overlooking breathtaking views, with the sea of ​​Elba always as background. There are many paths to practice mountain biking on Elba island: Capoliveri-Fattoria delle Ripalte-Capoliveri and Redinoce-Monte Perone-Redinoce are just some of the possibilities you have at your disposal. But you can also decide to board a walking bike and enjoy a relaxing ride.



MTB is not the only sport that can be practiced on Elba island: among the main ones, there are also diving, snorkeling, kayaking, trekking. In short, with or without a bicycle, Elba island is a simply perfect place for those who want to experience a holiday dedicated to sports and open air. You just have to choose and organize the trip.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/pascalkurschildgen

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