The magic of the island of Elba in autumn: 4 ideas to organize the trip

Island of Elba in the Autumn

The scent of vineyards, chestnuts, mushrooms. The color of the nature and the woods changes from bright green to red, ochre and orange. The ancient villages are enchanted by an evocative atmosphere, like no other time during the year. This is the island of Elba in autumn.


1. Hiking

A season for hiking enthusiasts. Autumn is the best time for a field trip along the hiking trails that cross the Elba. Like the path leading to the top of Monte Capanne, from which you can look around the whole island.

Going hiking allows you to observe the rare beauty of the orchids just outside the village centers and, among the forests of holm oaks, to come across many different species of mushrooms, including the renowned black mushroom, which is commonly widespread in Valle Buia, in the hinterland of Seccheto.

The road that connects Poggio with the south coast of Elba is a sequence of curves, harmonized by the sea breeze and the scent of moss, resin and wet ground. This is the area of the chestnut trees, which almost seem to grow from the carpet of red and orange leaves that lie at their feet.


2. Sea

Until October, on the island of Elba the traveller can still enjoy the last days of sea and sun of the year. An occasion, perhaps, to admire some of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Elba: during the fall, the recommended beaches are those of the southern slope, near Capoliveri.


3. Taste

But autumn is even the season of taste. Some of the typical dishes of the island of Elba are prepared with the products that nature gives exactly this season, strictly combined with the wines of Elba. Products that are the leading stars of various events, such as Capoliveri Grape Festival in October.


4. Peculiarity

Without forgetting that there is also an unknown island of Elba, made of small beaches, ancient villages, secular forests. Places that are even more special if you are organizing a trip during Autumn holiday.

Things to do aren’t certainly lacking to discover this beautiful island even away from the high season. And now, there is only one thing to do: book the ferry trip to the island of Elba.


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