What to see on Elba Island in 4 days: our itinerary

Elba Island in 4 days

Some days ago, we talked about what to see on Elba Island in three days. But, in this case, you have more time to explore this beautiful island. Now, all you need is an itinerary to visit Elba in four days.

Here it is:


Day #1: Rio Marina

Once you have arrived in Rio Marina by ferry, this journey begins along the east coast of Elba Island. In particular, this first day will be divided into two stages:

In the evening, you can enjoy a tasty dinner in one of the several restaurants of Porto Azzurro: obviously, you have to taste the fish recipes.


Day #2: Anello occidentale

From the east coast to the west the coast. The Anello occidentale is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. This road will allow you to see some of the most beautiful sea views of the island.


Day #3: the beaches

It is difficult, if not impossible, to say which are the most beautiful beaches of the island. Because they are numerous and unforgettable. However, you have to see these ten at least. Several of them are near Portoferraio.


Day #4: Monte Capanne

It’s the last day and you might decide to greet Elba worthily. And what better way than hiking up to the summit of Monte Capanne? The trail is not particularly hard. And, once you have reached the top, you can see the whole Elba Island: a panorama that you will not forget so easily.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/25454475@N05

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