Vacation to Elba Island: an itinerary for a 3-days journey

Elba Island in 3 days

You tried to visit Elba Island in one day. And one day was not enough. Now you are going to try again. For this reason, you need a good itinerary to visit Elba Island in 3 days without missing any of the most beautiful parts of the island.


First day: Portoferraio

On the first day, once he landed in Portoferraio, take the bags to the hotel. And now your three-days vacation begins:

  • Morning: there are the Medici fortresses to see, imposing and ancient fortifications that protected the dock of Portoferraio.
  • Afternoon: near Portoferraio there are some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as delle Ghiaie, Padulella and Capo Bianco.
  • Evening: nothing better than a dinner in one of the small restaurants that you can find in the old town centre of Portoferraio and where you can taste the typical recipes of Elba Island.


Second day: Anello occidentale

The Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. It takes about two hours by car. But the Anello occidentale is an itinerary that will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful places of the island, such as:

  • isolotto della Paolina
  • Marciana Marina
  • Poggio
  • golfo di Fetovaia

Take with you trekking shoes because, to reach some of these places, you have to walk along steep paths. And choose your favorite among the several restaurants in the various small villages that you will visit.


Third day: Napoleon

The first two days where dedicated to nature and excursions. The third day of this journey will be dedicated solely to culture. In particular, it will be dedicated to one of the most illustrious citizens of Elba Island: Napoleon.

  • Villa dei Mulini and villa San Martino were the two houses of the French Emperor in Portoferraio.
  • The name “sedia di Napoleone” (literally, “sit of Napoleon”) refers to Napoleon’s favorite rock, from which the French Emperor looked towards Corsica.


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