Elba Island 2017: the magic of the Gregorian songs in San Piero in Campo

  • Published: 8-11-2017
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Elba Gregorian chants 2017

It is December 8, 2017. You are in San Piero in Campo, a small village in the municipality of Campo nell’Elba. You have just heard the fascinating, charming history of the Campese Middle Ages, told at the gallery Don Milani. Once you are out, stay in the church square. Because magic continues in the church of San Niccolajo. Where, at 9.30 pm, the Gregorian singing concert begins.


Gregorian chants

It is a very ancient musical genre, elaborated and codified since the eighth century. It combines ancient Roman song and Gallic song. It must be strictly sung a cappella (so without musical accompaniment) from a chorus of white or masculine voices. The liturgical text sung is in Latin.


Il programma

For the direction of Master Enzo Ventroni, the Chorus Viri Galilaei will follow these nineteen Gregorian songs:

  1. Rorate Caeli – Tropo
  2. Ave verum corpus
  3. Kyrie VIII ( Missa de Angelis)
  4. Ave maris stella- Hymn
  5. Tota pulchra es Maria – Hymn
  6. Salve Regina (Solemn tone)
  7. Veni Creator Spiritus –Hymn vespers Pentecost
  8. Te Deum laudamus- modus antiquus
  9. Cònditor Alme Sìderum – Hymn vespers Advent
  10. Alleluja – Veni, Domine IV Advent
  11. Alleluja – Crastina die – Christmas vespers Mass
  12. Dominus dixit ad me – Intro Antiphon Christmas night
  13. In Splendoribus – Antiphon Christmas night holy communion
  14. Lux fulgebit hodie – Intro Antiphon – Christmas dawn
  15. Puer natus est – Intro Antiphon Christmas day Mass
  16. Viderunt Omnes – Gradual Christmas day Mass
  17. Alleluja – Dies Sanctificatus Christmas day Mass
  18. Hodie Christus natus est – Magnificat – II Christmas vespers
  19. Adeste fideles


More information

As with the Campese Middle Ages, you should always consult the Facebook group of Le Macinelle (organizing the event),Facebook.com/groups/lemacinelle, for more information on the Gregorian Singing Concert (how to participate, any changes) Le Macinelle.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/50289781@N00

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