Campo nell’Elba: Fonza beach is there waiting for you

Fonza beach, Elba

You know for sure the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island (and if you don’t, maybe it’s time you go and see them, it’s really worth). But these 10 are certainly not the only ones that the island offers to all its visitors. There are many others, less known but equally deserving of a visit. As the Fonza beach, in Campo nell’Elba.


The beach

Fonza beach is not very large, less than a hundred meters long and 8-10 meters wide. It peeps out in the homonymous, small gulf. The composition of the beach is very varied: mainly large smooth and comfortable stones alternate with sand parts.

The beach is in contrast to the seabed, which is instead of sand and remains shallow for many meters. On the hills behind the beach grows a lush Mediterranean scrub.


For who’s recommended

Surely Fonza beach is recommended for those who are looking for a quiet beach, never too crowded, even during the peak season. This is one of the beaches for dogs on Elba Island. For what concerns families, the bottom remains shallow for many meters but getting to the beach is not very easy and there is no service of any kind.


How to get to Fonza beach

To get to Fonza beach you can take the road that leads from Marina di Campo to Lacona. Passed Marina di Campo town, follow the signs for the Elba Island Aquarium and the indications for Fonza. Once passed a notorious camping, proceed for about two and a half kilometers on a dirt road, not suitable for very low car or street motorbike.


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