How to take your luggage on the ferries to Elba: the conditions of the 4 main companies

Elba ferries luggage

On the ferries to Elba Island, it is obviously possible to take luggage. In this regard, these are the general conditions of the four main shipping companies.



On Toremar ferries, every passenger can take, for free, a twenty-kilograms hand luggage. These twenty kilograms must be considered gross. For children, who pay a half-price ticket, the maximum gross weight of the hand luggage is ten kilograms. In the luggage, can be carried only personal effects.



For the transport of luggage on Moby ferries, the company refers to these articles, from 410 to 418, of the Italian Codice della Navigazione (“Navigation Code”). The most important information are:

  • The price for the luggage is included in the ticket cost;
  • The hand luggage must contain only personal effects, while the other things must be contained in the suitcases placed in the appropriate space indicated by the crew;
  • If the luggage weight exceeds the limits, an additional fee may be required.



For the whole duration of the journey, from the moment of boarding until the moment of disembarkation, passengers must keep their luggage and personal belongings (if these are not in the baggage). In addition, passengers:

  • Must keep and manage their personal belongings so that they do not interfere with the journey of the other passengers and with the work of the crew;
  • Are responsible for personal effects and for what is contained in the luggage.


Corsica Ferries

On the ferries of the Corsica Ferries company, each passenger on foot may take, for free, a hand luggage whose dimensions must not exceed 200x100x50 centimetres. Only personal belongings of the passenger may be in the luggage. In addition, the passenger can take a luggage in the cabin or in the place assigned to it.


These are the general conditions to take luggage of the main companies that guarantee the ferry service to Elba Island. And now you just have to book the ferry trip.


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