Elba Island: the shades and the nature of Crocetta beach

Crocetta beach elba

Shades and colors that make it a dreamy beach. You can feel the sensation of comfortably laying down in a wild and uncontaminated place, surrounded by nature, far away from the modernity. Do you want to be in a place like this during your holiday? If so, you mustn’t miss Crocetta beach, one of the less known on Elba island.


The beach

Crocetta is more than a beach, it’s a small and real nature jewel. It’s just 50 metres long and it’s made of granitic gravel and green gravel, which give it a very particular colour, just like the tones of the sea, that blends from the green to the intense blue, following the depth of the sea. The entire beach is protected by two rock walls.


Who should visit it

Reaching it isn’t really easy e there isn’t any tipe of service: in other words, if you’re spending a holiday with your children, maybe this is not the perfect beach for you.

Crocetta is highly recommended for the ones who want to lay down in a place surrounded by uncontaminated nature. The gravel is medium-big, so you should carry an inflatable sunbed. In summer this beach is often crowded.


How to reach

The Crocetta beach is in Marciana Marina, on the east coast of Elba island. You can reach it walking through an off-road path that starts from the provincial road, just before the centre of Marciana Marina. The small path is not indicated.

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