Spending Easter 2016 on Elba Island, Italy: 5 ideas for this vacation

  • Published: 15-02-2016
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Easter 2016 in Italy: Elba Island

“Christmas with family, Easter with whoever you like” is an old Italian proverb. And, on the occasion of Easter 2016, you want to enjoy a vacation. You have also chosen the destination: it’s Elba Island. Now you just need some good ideas.


Vacation #1: in 3 days

It is the first time that you visit Elba Island and you’d like to know which are the most beautiful things to see. The idea for you is this this 3-days itinerary: the stages of the journey are Portoferraio, Anello occidentale and Napoleonic residences.

This itinerary will allow you to discover the best that Elba Island can offer its visitors, from beaches to culture.


Vacation #2: relaxation

For you, this Easter 2016 vacation will be the occasion to relax. On Elba Island, there’s the place you are looking for: it’s the spa of San Giovanni, near Portoferraio. Among sea mud, algae and whirlpool bath, you will restore body and mind.


Vacation #3: fun

Elba Island has everything a traveller could wish for. Even if he wants fun. In particular:

  • the two largest discotheques of the island are Club 64 and Decò
  • there are several pubs and wine bar in the old town centre of Portoferraio
  • and there are several amusement parks, such as Isola dei pirati in Campo nell’Elba and Amadeus in Porto Azzurro


Vacation #4: with family

Are you planning a vacation with family? In this case, there are several things to see during a holiday with kids, such as Parco minerario in Rio Marina (a mineral park), the Aquarium of Marina di Campo, Isola dei pirati in Campo nell’Elba and Amadeus in Porto Azzurro.


Vacation #5: trekking

The first things that you put in your suitcase are hiking boots. So, this Easter 2016 vacation could be an opportunity to discover the hermitages of Elba Island: romitorio di San Cerbone, santuario della Madonna del Monte, santuario della Madonna delle Grazie, santuario della Madonna della Neve, santuario della Madonna del Monserrato, santuario di Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/aquilano76

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