The donkeys Palio and the funny jockeys

  • Published: 24-12-2014
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The funny donkey Palio 2015During the summer in Elba Island there are beautiful beaches. During the winter instead there are the jonkeys who wear typical clothes and riding on the beach by donkey: it’s the funny donkeys Palio, that happens every year on January or February.

The event is a common appointment of winter in Elba Island. The Palio starts with a parade in costume along the roads of Marina di Campo. The parade arrives on the beach where there are donkeys and jockeys ready for the race.

The Municipality of Campo dell’Elba is divided in eight districts. To every district is attributed a jockey and a donkey. Then the race starts. The amusement is sure!

The funny donkeys Palio is also the right occasion to eat the typical dishes of Elba Island and to try and buy the typical products. During the Palio will be a lot of stands with food and wine alog the roads of Marina di campo. There will be also live music.

For more information of the funny donkeys Palio 2015 visit the official site of Campo dell’Elba,


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