Bringing dogs on the ferries to Elba Island: the conditions of the 4 ferry operators

dogs on the ferry to Elba Island

On the ferries to Elba Island, dogs are welcome and you don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home. But there are conditions to be met. Below, you can find the most important things to know about the four main ferry operators that guarantee the connection to Elba Island.



Toremar shipping company allows all passengers to bring their four-legged friend on the ferry. However, dogs must be leashed and muzzled. In general, pets, and therefore dogs, are allowed only on external deck and in specific parts of the ferries, whereas they are not allowed in the dining room.



With the exception of some areas (such as bars and restaurants), the external decks of the Moby ferries are completely open to dogs. In addition, on the ferries there are some cabins also equipped to accommodate dogs: these rooms have linoleum floor and a travel bowl. However, these cabins are limited in number, so the advice is to book well in advance.



Each passenger can bring a single pet (the dog, in your case) on board, pet that can only stay on the external deck of the ship. From boarding to arrival at the port of destination, the dog must be leashed and muzzled, and do not disturb other passengers or damage the ship.

Exceptions are guide dogs for the blind and service dogs for people with disabilities or reduced mobility: these animals can also access the internal areas of the ferry.


Corsica Ferries

Also on Corsica Ferries ships there are cabins suitable for the four-legged friends. With the exception of the restaurant, the dog can access all areas of the ferry. But it must always be leashed and muzzled, and accompanied by someone.


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