Diving towards the wreck of Elviscot: one of the secrets of Elba Island


Elba Island has many secrets. Secrets that, sometimes, are hidden on its uplands. And sometimes are concealed in the depths of the sea. As the wreck of Elviscot. One of the most beautiful dive sites.


The history

10th January 1982. An Italian cargo vessel which weighed over 500 tons was passing near Pomonte beach, on the Southwestern side of Elba Island. It raised anchor in Naples and was navigating towards Marsiglia. But because of the bad weather it drowned on the rock of Ogliera. Fortunately, the hands managed to save themselves.

For some time it was left there, with the stern sunk and the bow on the surface. But it was so close to the coast, so they decided to sink it.


The diving

Nowadays the entire stern, the bridge and a part of the side are eased down on the sandy seabed  at a profundity of 12-13 meters.

  • The diving starts on the Eastern side of Ogliera’s rock, in front of Pomonte.
  • To reach it, you just have to go deep following the face of the rock that goes down.
  • The wreck became the “home” for a very rich underwater life composed by snappers, barracudas, crabs, morays and octopuses.
  • A very large break on the upper side will let you see the inside of the bridge.
  • Passing through the funnel, divers can reach the inside of the engine room, well conserved. The funnel is just for expert divers.
  • There are two big breaks on the stern. Passing through them, divers can go through the hallway and reach the control panel of the bridge. This is the most beautiful view that Elviscot can offer, with the light that seeps in through the breaks and portholes.

The diving, except for some passages, is apt for the diver of any level. But it’s anyway a diving in a wreck: prudence is the main thing.


The gallery

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The video

Waiting for the diving that will take you to Elviscot, you can have an idea of what awaits for you watching this video (by Massimiliano Ranieri)




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