Discover Elba Island: 5 non-touristy places

discover Elba Island

The sea is not the only Elba Island attraction. There is much more to see. Because this is an ancient land, where different peoples have left their treasures. And where nature reserves several panoramas. You will have the opportunity to discover five non-touristy places on Elba Island.

  1. Dolphins. Elba Island is located in the Santuario dei mammiferi marini: a marine protected area between Tuscany, Sardinia, Corsica and Monaco. Several colonies of dolphins live here. To see them, you can book a boat trip in the main towns of the island.
  2. Mostri di Pietra. “Stone monsters”. They are natural stone formations of various sizes. Popular imagination has given them different names: Cullata del Diavolo, Masso dell’Aquila, Sedia di Napoleone.
  3. Hermitages. They are several and built after the fall of the Roman Empire, when monks and hermits moved inward to defend themselves against pirates attacks. Each of these hermitages will delight every hiker.
  4. Fonte di Napoleone. It’s a spring dedicated to Napoleon, the French Emperor. It’s near Procchio, immersed in the nature that surrounds Capanne mountain.
  5. Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba. “Elba western ring”. It’s the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di di Campo. From this street you can see some of the most beautiful Elba Island sea panorama.

These are five non-touristy places to discover during a holiday on Elba Island. And now there is one thing left to do: book a ferry ticket to Elba Island.


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