December 2016 on Elba Island: 5 events awaiting the Christmas Day

  • Published: 5-12-2016
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December 2016 on Elba Island

The reasons to spend a Christmas holiday on Elba Island are so many. Waiting for the most important day, which in this case can only be December 25th, there are five events that will enrich your journey with colors, traditions, flavors and fun.

  1. Dolci tradizioni (December 8th, Marina di Campo). One of the most anticipated December events on Elba, it is an opportunity to discover (or rediscover) the typical Christmas sweets of the island, which you can find and taste in the many stands in the old town center of Marina di Campo.
  2. Suoni e voci di Natale (December 9th, in the church of San Gaetano in Marina di Campo). From 21:00, an opera trio will perform in the picturesque church of San Gaetano.
  3. Festa medievale del Caracuto (December 10th, San Piero in Campo). When the caracuto blooms under the tower of San Giovanni, a real journey back in time begins: in the narrow streets of San Piero in Campo, it’s possible to meet minstrels, archers, knights and dames.
  4. Marina di Campo in festa! (December 11th, Marina di Campo). A day dedicated only to fun for kids and adults.
  5. Cantiamo insieme (December 14th, in piazza Dante Alighieri, in Marina di Campo). A nice exhibition of pupils and parents who will sing the classic Christmas songs (and not only).

As you can see, Elba Island can offer you a great holiday even in winter. Have you booked the ferry trip?


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