Cotoncello beach: one of the most particular of Elba Island

Cotoncello beach

Do you want to spend a holiday dedicated solely to relaxation on the shore of a wonderful sea? Then you are already at a good point because you have chosen exactly the destination that suits you, that is Elba Island. And there is one, among the most particular of the entire island, that we advise you to “try”: we are talking about the beach of Cotoncello.

  • The beach. Even among the (splendid) beaches of Elba island, Cotoncello beach is considered an authentic naturalistic jewel. The beach has a peculiar almost triangular shape, with one side occupied by fine sand and the other two by rounded granite rocks. The promontory that dominates it, in the months of April and May, is colored green and pink for the blossoming of the fig tree of the Hottentots.
  • Services. A place like this is wonderful especially for the uncontaminated nature that surrounds it. This, however, also means that on the beach of Cotoncello, in practice, there are no services. Even parking can be difficult, as there are only a few free parking spaces along the way.
  • How to get. To get to the Cotoncello beach, we start from Sant’Andrea, a town that is located along the western ring of Elba Island. From here, just take a very well marked section of road that will take you directly to the beach (it is along this stretch of road that you have to start looking for parking).
  • For what kind of people it is recommended. Cotoncello beach, since the access is not very easy, is recommended for all those who are not afraid to walk before reaching the sea, but the show will repay everything. If instead you are spending a holiday with children, perhaps it is not among the most suitable, especially for the lack of services. In general, it is always better to bring with you everything you need to spend the day.

With the Cotoncello, your holiday start in the best way. And then, you can start your personal “tour” of the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island.

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