Cristina D’Avena: the favourite singer of children (and not only) in concert on Elba Island

  • Published: 17-07-2017
  • Category: Events

concert Cristina D’Avena Elba Island

The favourite singer of children and adults. Especially for adults, which, most likely, grew up listening to her songs. We are obviously talking about Cristina D’Avena. She will enrich the summer of the island of Elba with its unforgettable concert.

  • Semplicemente Cristina. Literally, “simply Cristina”. This is the title of the concert. The event will take in piazza della Repubblica (a square) in Portoferraio, the main town of Elba Island. It will be an opportunity to listen to some of the songs that accompany us since we were kids, in a sort of journey back in time reminding melodies and words that are imprinted on everyone’s mind.
  • Portoferraio. As already said, it is the main town of the island. And Portoferraio is a destination that offers many things to see during a holiday: unforgettable beaches, ancient fortresses, Roman villas overlooking a fabulous sea, the house of Napoleon Bonaparte. Waiting for the concert, you could spend a day here.
  • How to get there. It’s very, very easy. To get to Portoferraio, you only need to take one of the many ferries to Elba Island that depart from the port of Piombino, in Tuscany. The journey by ferry takes about one hour. There are several departures throughout the day. Also, on the ferry, you can get a vehicle, such as cars and motorbikes.


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