Coca Cola Summer tour 2016: twenty nights dancing on Elba Island

  • Published: 18-07-2016
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Coca Cola Summer tour 2016: Elba Island

Elba Island is a great destination if you want to have fun. With amusement parks, bars, discotheques and pubs, there’s all you can need. Especially from July 25th to August 16th, when Coca Cola Summer tour 2016 will take place.

  • The event. During the twenty days of the event, the best national and international DJs will play on the beach of Cavoli. And there will be a very, very big closing event: waiting for further information.
  • The location. Cavoli is one of the most beautiful beaches on Island of Elba. Famous among the young people who choose Elba for their holidays, it is a stretch of fine and white sand overlooking the homonymous bay. The sea is crystal clear and the beach is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.
  • How to get there. The Cavoli beach is situated near Marina di Campo, hamlet of Campo nell’Elba. To reach the beach, just take the county road 25 from Marina di Campo and follow the road signs to Cavoli.
  • The Anello occidentale. Part of the county road 25 has another name: Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba. It’s the coastal road from Marina di Campo, on the south coast, to Procchio, on the north coast. Driving along this road, you will see some of the most beautiful views that Elba Island can offer you.


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