Coast of seagulls, Elba Island: along the road of sea and mine

Elba seagull coastElba Island is famous in the world also for its cliffs. The origin of the name of this coast is a big colony of seagulls. The road of the ancient mine gives you the possibility to discover Costa dei Gabbiani (“seagulls coast”). An itinerary with secret bays, panoramas overlooking the sea, pristine nature.

This itinerary crosses the East side of Calamita mountain. Large dirt roads arrive in Poggio Fino town. During this itinerary the visitor passes near Buzzancone Bay, where the little Spiaggia della Cera (“beach of wax”) is. Going on, the visitor can find several deviations to Carbonaia beach and to Ginepro  beach.

As an alternative, if you don’t want to go to Poggio Fino town, you can go to Poggio Turco town. From this area, especially during sunny and clear days, it’s possible to see Argentario in the distance. And it’s possible to see Pianosa and Montecristo, two islands near Elba, that rise from the sea.

Passed a pine forest, you arrive at a crossroad. And here this Costa dei Gabbiani itinerary ends.


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