The most beautiful churches of Elba Island, Tuscany: a 5-stops itinerary


The possibility to combine nature, history and culture is one of the many attractions of Elba Island. But there is another element to consider: the great devotion of the people. And these are the ingredients of the tour to discover the 5 most beautiful churches of Elba Island, in Tuscany.


1. Duomo di Portoferraio

Located in Piazza della Repubblica (the main square of this town), it’s one of the most beautiful things to see in Portoferraio. Built in the mid-Sixteenth century and renovated several times, in the cathedral there are priceless treasures such as the marble altar and the Visitation by Domenico Cresti.

It is the most important church of Portoferraio. For this reason, Elba Island people welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte, the First French Emperor, singing the Te Deum in the cathedral.


2. Chiesa di Santo Stefano alle Trane

It is located in Le Trane, near Magazzini and not far from Portoferraio. It is one of the most precious examples of Romanesque architecture of the island. Built in the Twelfth century, it is a very austere single-nave church.

After the church, you could see the Magazzini beach: it’s recommended if you want to relax on a quiet beach.


3. Santuario della Madonna del Monserrato

José Pons y Léon, governor of Longone, wanted to build this sanctuary: the intention of the governor was to erect a church that resembled the homonymous sanctuary of Montserrat, in Catalonia. The village of Monserrato is located near Porto Azzurro.


4. Santuario della Madonna del Monte

It is the most famous and oldest of the many hermitages of the island. Its presence is attested from the Fourteenth century. Built in a very sober architectural style, the other things to see are:

  • The so-called Teatro della Fonte (literally, “theatre of the spring”)
  • The grotta della Madonnina (a grotto in which there is a small statue of Virgin Mary)
  • The seduta della Madonna: according to the legend, the tired Virgin Mary sat on this rock

From Marciana Marina, a path leads to this sanctuary.


5. Pieve di San Michele

The fifth stage of the itinerary to discover the 5 most beautiful churches of Elba Island is pieve di San Michele. Built in the mid-Twelfth century, it is the oldest Romanesque-style structure of the island. It is located in San Rocco, not far from Capoliveri.


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