Colours, tastes and traditions: 3 ideas to spend Christmas 2016 on Elba Island

  • Published: 21-11-2016
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Christmas 2016 Elba Island

There are so many reasons to visit Elba Island in winter. And one of the best is to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere. So, if you are planning to spend here a couple of days of the Christmas holidays 2016, we have three great ideas that will enrich your trip.

  • The living nativity scenes. It is a recent tradition but has become an indispensable event for the inhabitants of the island. Every year, in Marciana, a living nativity scene takes place. In fact, it is a real representational acting, performed by many residents of this small village. The event, involving both adults and children, will amaze you (also) for the details of costumes and scenic design.
  • Christmas fairs and markets. Can you imagine a Christmas without the colourful and lively markets? One of the most important is the Christmas market in Portoferraio, the main town on the island. Another very fascinating event is the Christmas market of Sant’Ilario (a hamlet of Campo nell’Elba). Both in Portoferraio and Sant’Ilario, you can find and taste the typical products of the island.
  • The village of nativity scenes. The village of Marciana Marina has got this nickname. The many cribs, made by the population of the small town, adorn streets and squares, the narrow streets of the old town centre and country roads. There will be traditional nativity scenes and much more original works.

These are the three main events that, usually, anliven Christmas on Elba Island (for further information, you can visit,, And now, you just have to book the ferry trip.


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