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typical Elba Island dishes

What to eat during a holiday on Elba Island: 9 typical dishes

The beauty of this destination is not only in its beaches, coasts, and the many naturalistic and historical-cultural attractions. On Elba Island there are several typical dishes to taste during a holiday: traditional recipes and gastronomic specialties that will enrich your journey. Stoccafisso alla riese. One of the first specialties to taste. The main ingredient […]

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Easter sweets of Elba Island

Tuscan Easter recipes: 3 tasty sweets of Elba Island

On Elba Island, Easter is a very important event of the year. An event that is celebrated in the way required by the religious tradition. But it is also an event that, to be celebrated, needs the preparation of traditional dishes. Such as these three sweets, always present on Elba tables during the Easter: Sportella. […]

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