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Elba Island Blue Cave

Elba Island: a boat excursion to the enchanting Blue Cave

Boat trips are one of the ways to discover the sea of ​​the beautiful island. Excursions that will take the visitor to see places such as the islands near Elba island, Costa dei Gabbiani, Costa del Sole. And it is right along Costa del Sole that the Blue Cave of Elba Island opens up.   […]

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Elba Island in spring

Holiday on Elba Island: 5 things to do in spring

Elba Island is beautiful to see throughout the year. But in spring it is cloaked in a very special atmosphere, for a series of reasons, first of all the blossoming nature. Are you also convinced to organize a holiday in this season? Here there are the five things to do.   1. Sport If for […]

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Napoleon Elba Island

On the footsteps of Napoleon on the Elba island: 7 places to see

The first French Emperor remained in exile on the island from May 4, 1814 to February 27, 1815. An exile lasted almost a year. And you can retrace the history of Napoleon on Elba island. Visiting the seven sites most closely linked to the first French emperor.   1. Villa dei Mulini As already mentioned, […]

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