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Elba Island southern side beaches

Elba Island: the 5 most beautiful beaches on the southern side

What is the best area of Elba Island? In your case, since you dream of a holiday of total relaxation with a fabulous sea, surely the one where there are some wonderful beaches. And since you’re thinking of visiting the southern side of Elba island, these are the five most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see […]

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Blue Flag 2018 beaches on Elba island

La Fenicia: the Blue Flag beach 2018 of Elba island

It is a recognition that makes proud not only the country that receives it but the whole area. And it is the most prestigious recognition that a beach can ever receive. As you surely understood, we are talking about the Blue Flag. That in 2018 was assigned to la Fenicia in Marciana Marina.   La […]

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Cotoncello beach

Cotoncello beach: one of the most particular of Elba Island

Do you want to spend a holiday dedicated solely to relaxation on the shore of a wonderful sea? Then you are already at a good point because you have chosen exactly the destination that suits you, that is Elba Island. And there is one, among the most particular of the entire island, that we advise […]

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kid friendly beaches in Italy: Elba Island

Sandy and safe: the 5 best kid friendly beaches on Elba Island

Elba Island is a great destination for children: this place, in fact, can offer several attractions and things to do for them. But a holiday cannot be complete without enjoying the sand, the sun and the sea. But it is better to choose one of the kid friendly beaches on Elba Island.   The beaches […]

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