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Island of Elba how to move

Car, bus or bike? How to get around during a holiday on Elba Island

The “logistical issue” is always one of the things to consider when planning a holiday. Your next trip to the island of Elba will certainly not be an exception. Want to know how to move once you arrive at your destination? These are the main solutions.   By car/motorbike/camper The solution that we would recommend […]

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Getting around the Elba Island by bus: lines, timetables, tickets

You have booked the ferry and decided not to embark a vehicle (car or motorbike) nor are you going to hire one. After all, when you are on vacation, you really need to “disconnect” from everything. But don’t worry: to get around the Elba Island you have an efficient bus service. The island’s public bus […]

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Elba Island: 5 tips to organize a simply perfect holiday

What does any traveler want? That your holiday is simply perfect! Exactly what you expect from the next trip, which will have the Elba Island as a destination. And to do that, it will be enough to follow these five tips.   How to get To get to the Elba Island, you just have to […]

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islands near Elba

Islands near Elba: 3 real paradises to discover during a vacation

Uncontaminated places, where nature is wonderful. Destinations that are almost uninhabited, a detail that makes them even more fascinating and intriguing to visit. We’re talking about Capraia, Pianosa and Montecristo. In other words, the three islands near Elba.   Capraia Among the three islands near Elba, it is the largest and it’s inhabited. The homonymous […]

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Montecristo island: how to get there and visit this natural jewel

It is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating islands near Elba. Both because it’s an uncontaminated and wild place, enclosed and protected in the homonymous nature reserve. Both for the many legends around it. For these and for many other reasons there are always many people who wonder how to get there […]

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LPG car on ferries to Elba Island

Elba Island: how to get a LPG car on the ferries

You are planning to spend a holiday on Elba Island. There’s the ferry to book. And you want to get your LPG car on the ferry. Here you can find the most important things to know.   When you’re booking Book online the ferries to Elba Island is easy. Using our booking system, you must […]

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