Casetta Drouot: discover one of the places related to Napoleon Bonaparte

Casetta Drouot

The bond between Napoleon and the Elba Island has always remained steady over the centuries. Encouraged by a number of places through which you can trace the footsteps of the first french emperor. And one of these places is the Casetta Drouot.

  • The character. The name of this small house comes from Count Antoine Drouot. During the exile of Napoleon at Elba, which lasted for less than a year, the Count was awarded the title of Governor of Elba. He always remained faithful to the first French Emperor, even when he fell into disgrace.
  • The cottage. Historical building of the eighteenth century, it’s located in the village of Poggio (where, among other things, begins the famous Western ring of the Elba Island). The interior is decorated in a typical eighteenth-century elephant style, with large mirrors, floral motifs and architectural elements of empire style, and is enriched with prints, drawings, books, documents.
  • The restoration. Over the centuries past, Casetta Drouot had fallen into ruin. The owners of the building undertook to restore it by removing the shingles and thoroughly reintegrating the original style of this small house.
  • The book. Ernesto Ferrero, winner of the Strega literary prize in 2000, has drawn inspiration from the Casetta Druot for writing the novel N.
  • Visiting it. La Casetta Drouot is currently private property. In some very special circumstances or events (such as events or recalls), it is open to the public, which can then admire this authentic Napoleonic masterpiece.


Image Source: By Ferpint – Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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