Capraia Island, the Festival of Squid 2015: the flavor of the sea

  • Published: 26-10-2015
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squid capraia

It’s one of the most visited islands near Elba. During summer, tourists choose it thanks to its beaches and its uncontaminated nature. But during the autumnal season it becomes the location where to taste one of the many flavors that the sea of Tuscan Archipelago gives. The occasion is the Festival of Squid in Capraia, that will be held on 31st October and 1st November 2015.


The program

  • The fishing squid competition. It will be held on 31st October, starting at 02.30 PM. It’s divided in two categories: sea fishing with vessels; fishing from the ground, along the pier where the ferries dock. The weighing of the squids is art 07.30 PM and, as every year, it will be one of the funniest moment of the festival.
  • The festival. It will start on 31st October at 00.30 PM in  the port of the island. In the stands, prepared by the most famous restaurants of Capraia, you can taste the many recipes prepared with squid: fried squid, rice with squid, squid cous-cous, squid with beet tops, squid with potatoes, squid’s lasagna, “Crostoni” of squid, squid’s arancini.
  • Award ceremony. The award ceremony of the fishing competition and of the “Draw a Squid” contest will be held on 1st November. Then you can obviously taste the dishes with squid prepared by the restaurants of  Capraia Island.


More information

For further information about the 2015 edition of the Festival of Squid in Capraia (complete program, eventually changes of dates and times), you can visit the official site of the event,


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