What to see during a holiday in Capoliveri: the 5 best places

Capoliveri what to see

It is located on the south-eastern coast of Elba Island. It is a destination that combines history, nature, art, culture, and relaxation. You’ve decided where to go during your next vacation to Elba Island. And now you are wondering: what to see in Capoliveri?


1. Forte Focardo

Near the village of Naregno. With its quadrangular plant, reinforced by six bastions, forte Focardo is an imposing fortification that rises on a promontory overlooking the coast.


2. Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie

Built in the Sixteenth century, it is a Latin cross sanctuary enriched by a dome. The interior is characterized by a wooden roof, frescoed in the early Twentieth century. In the sanctuary are kept an Eighteenth century organ and the famous painting of the Holy Family attributed to Marcello Venusti.


3. Monte Calamita

Along with monte Capanne, it is one of the main mounts of the island. Several trails cross monte Calamita, which is a wonderful idea for hikers. Also, there are the only underground mines open to the public.


4. Abside di San Michele

It’s everything that remains of an ancient medieval church. This apse is easy to reach. The church is famous for the Mass celebrated by Pope Gregory XI in 1376.


5. Beaches

Elba is famous also for its coast. The same is for the coast of Capoliveri and so, among the things to see, there are some wonderful beaches, one of the most beautiful of the whole island. Places such as:

  • Innamorata;
  • Lacona;
  • Naregno;
  • Margidore;
  • Calanova;
  • Felciaio;
  • Ferrato;
  • Lido;
  • Madonna delle Grazie;
  • Morcone;
  • Norsi;
  • Pareti;
  • Remaiolo;
  • Straccoligno;
  • Zuccale.


These are the places to see absolutely during a holiday in Capoliveri. To get there from Portoferraio, one of the main ports for ferries to Elba, you have to:

  • Take the county road 26 towards Porto Azzurro;
  • Take the county road 31 following the road signs to Capoliveri.

The journey by car takes about twenty minutes.

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