Two wheels overlooking the sea of Elba: Capoliveri Legend cup 2015

  • Published: 23-03-2015
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Capoliveri Legend cup 2015Mountain biking is one of the most exciting sports on Elba Island, thanks to the beauty of the place and its views overlooking the sea. There is an event that annually gathers all the fans of this sport: it is Capoliveri Legend Cup, which will take place on May 15-16-17, 2015.

This race is part of Italian MTB Awards Scapin (a national MTB circuit), is valid for MTB Tour Tuscany (a regional MTB circuit) and is part of FCI Tour. There three events will take place from May 15 to 17:

  • May 15, Friday. Chiassi cup, a spectacular and very technique race that will take place at night in the streets of Capoliveri historic center. Special guest of the event will be Alberto Limatore (Bike Trial Champion).
  • May 16, Saturday. During this day will take place: a press conference to present the event, a guided hike through the World Cup path, show and live music in the evening.
  • May 16, Sunday. During this day will take place the 6th edition of Capoliveri Legend cup. Participants will cross Monte Calamita paths, open pit mines, roads that goes down to the sea.

Capoliveri Legend cup is divided into two itineraries;

  • Marathon: 62 km long.
  • Corto: 28 km long.

For more information about Capoliveri Legend cup 2015 visit the official website of the event,


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