Holidays in Capoliveri between sea and relaxation: the 7 most beautiful beaches

Capoliveri beaches

Make a list of the most beautiful beaches in Capoliveri? It is a very tough task. Because the whole coast of Elba Island is renowned throughout Europe (and not only) for its beauty. In other words, the places to mention would be so many.

So, we recommend you to see these seven:


1. Lido di Capoliveri

The first is the main beach of this town: Lido di Capoliveri is sandy, suitable for children, easy to reach from the county road to Porto Azzurro, and offers many services.


2. Felciaio

It is located near Lido di Capoliveri. You can reach Felciaio only on foot. You will admire one of the best beaches on the island: small, sand and gravel, with rocks not far from the shore, never crowded.


3. Lacona

A one-kilometre-long white sand beach located along the coast of the homonymous gulf. There are several entrances; it is a destination recommend for divers. It can be reached on foot or by public transport.


4. Calamita

Small, and reachable only by boat: Calamita, a gravel beach located in the mining area of the island, offers a spectacular view.


5. Naregno

Among the most beautiful beaches in Capoliveri, Naregno is, perhaps, the only one to have a “double soul”:

  • On one hand, easy to reach, it is suitable for all those who are looking for relaxation and tranquillity on vacation;
  • On the other hand, with the possibility to practice windsurfing, sailing and diving, it is also suitable for sport enthusiasts.


6. Laconella

It is located in the Gulf of Lacona, a small white sandy bay surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.


7. Innamorata

The last of the most beautiful beaches in Capoliveri. L’Innamorata is famous not only for its beauty but also because it’s one of the most romantic places on Elba Island.

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