Campo ai Peri – Colle Reciso one of the cycling path in Elba Island

campo peri colle reciso

Elba Island, thanks to its geographic conformation, give numerous paths for all the cycling lovers, apt to explore the territory. Below we describe the path from Campo ai Peri to Colle Reciso, where you can admire the vegetation, but always paying attention to the path.

Length: 5 kilometers

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty level: Medium

The path:

  • The cycling path from Campo ai Peri to Colle Reciso crosses the central part of Elba Island.
  • The central point of this excursion on two wheels is the vegetation, characterized by thick pine groves, oaks and the fauna. Going along the 5 kilometers of the path you’ll spot various kind of birds, such as cuckoos.
  • The beauty of the nature will be framed by the soft flapping of wings and by the vivid colors of the numerous butterfly species that live in these places.
  • The path ends at Fonte di Schiumoli, but you can take some deviations to reach the beaches of the gulf of Stella or Portoferraio.

Once you complete the cycling path from Campo ai Peri to Colle Reciso, you can continue the exploration of Elba Island seeing the tourist places in Portoferraio, as the Napoleon’s house, or the fortresses pertaining to the Medici family.


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