The 2018 edition of the suggestive Calamita trail: for all athletes

  • Published: 24-09-2018
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Calamita trail 2018

Mount Calamita still bears traces of the ancient mining past of Elba island. Traces that have contributed to create evocative landscapes, where nature meets industrial archeology, like the one in the photo. And it is in landscapes of this kind that the 2018 edition of the Calamita trail will take place, scheduled for 4 November in Capoliveri (Mount Calamita promontory).


The race

As for the past editions, this year there will be two specialties, respectively of 14 and 20 kilometers. Both routes will take place on a dirt road, so as to make the race even more challenging and fascinating; in addition, everyone can choose the race based on their level of preparation and physical endurance.


How to get

Have you booked a ferry to Elba island that will take you to Portoferraio, the main center of the island? Well, to get to Capoliveri, just take the provincial road 26 and follow the signs. The journey by car takes just over twenty minutes.


Autumn on Elba island

The Calamita trail is just one of the examples of a fundamental fact: Elba island in autumn still gives many opportunities to enjoy a little holiday out of season; the excursions will give you unforgettable views, the same thing for the sea, there are also several events that will allow you to taste the island’s specialties.

And then, in autumn Elba island becomes an excellent idea for all sport fans. After a bit of healthy running during the Calamita trail, you can devote yourself, for example, to diving, hiking, snorkeling and mountain biking. You only have to choose your favorite and bring all the equipment (or rent it on site).


More information

For more information on the 2018 edition of the Calamita trail (complete itinerary, how to participate, eventual changes of dates), please refer to the official website of the event,


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