Cotaccia’s cove: a special place along the coast of Elba Island

Cotaccia’s cove Elba Island

Elba Island is full of wonderful and unique beaches. But in the variegated panorama of its coast it’s possible to find (at least) one place which is considered really special. This place is Cotaccia’s cove, one of the less known beaches on Elba Island.


The beach

Granite pebbles and cliffs polished by the wind  that plunge in the emerald and azure sea: this is Cotaccia’s cove. The shore it’s not so large, opened to every north wind and often there are strong drafts. There’s no kind of service. And don’t forget to bring with you mask and snorkel.


Who should go

Are you looking for a direct and intimate contact with the nature? Would you like to be immersed in an uncontaminated place? If yes, Cotaccia’s cove is perfect for you.

But the situation is different if you’re going to spend a day with your kids, considering the fact that the beach is not so easy to reach and (as said before) there are no services.


How to reach

Cotaccia’s cove is in the territory of the municipality of Marciana. The best way to reach it is, as you can grasp from the description, by sea. As an alternative, you can reach it from a short path that starts from Patresi. This path passes through Mediterranean scrub, granite boulders and a wonderful ilex grove. Then, suddenly, the panorama of the amazing coast of Cotaccia’s cove appears.

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