La Fenicia: the Blue Flag beach 2018 of Elba island

Blue Flag 2018 beaches on Elba island

It is a recognition that makes proud not only the country that receives it but the whole area. And it is the most prestigious recognition that a beach can ever receive. As you surely understood, we are talking about the Blue Flag. That in 2018 was assigned to la Fenicia in Marciana Marina.


La Fenicia

It would be enough to admire the photo above to understand why this beach received the Blue Flag. La Fenicia is an authentic masterpiece of sea and relaxation: gray soft gravel, medium- grain; intense blue-green shades of the sea, enhanced by the white color of the surrounding rocks; the ancient tower that completes a simply breathtaking picture.

But it is not just a question of beauty. Because La Fenicia:

  • Is fully equipped, so you can find all the services you could want on a beach, which makes it ideal for those who are spending a holiday with children on Elba island;
  • In the village there are several parking lots, both public and play and display parking.


How to get

Starting from Portoferraio, one of the main ports for ferries to and from Elba island, you get to Marciana Marina simply by taking the national road 24 to Procchio and, from here, the national road 25. By car (which you can board on the ferry), the journey takes less than half an hour.

From the town of Marciana Marina, simply, you have to get to the end of the promenade, immediately recognizable by the presence of the striking tower to which we have already mentioned.


Not just Fenicia

And after enjoying the Phoenician, it’s time to see the most beautiful beaches of Elba island, which will be the real crowning of your holiday: places like Laconella, Felciaio and Cavoli, just because unforgettable, every year are always visited by hundreds of tourists.


Western ring

Have you brought the car with you? Really excellent, as Marciana Marina is located along the so-called Western Ring of Elba island, or the coastal road that runs from Procchio to Marina di Campo. Moving around by car, you can easily follow it all by discovering charming coves and charming villages.

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