Ali su Pianosa 2015: birdwatching in a naturalistic jewel

  • Published: 3-09-2015
  • Category: Events

birdwatching pianosa

Pianosa Island is like a big treasure that has a lot to offer to its visitors: ancient fortresses, catacombs, buildings. And then there’s its luxuriant and inestimable nature.  And the occasion to discover it it’s Ali su Pianosa: a birdwatching itinerary that will be held on 19th September in the isle of Pianosa.

The excursion starts in the northern part of the small Pianosa island. There, an expert guide will let you discover the rich avifauna of the place: the sedentary and migratory birds, where the nesting are, how to observe the traces. An itinerary what will let you train not only the eye but also the ear.

  • The ear will learn how to intercept the sounds and to identify the calls.
  • The eye will learn how to intercept the little details, to distinguish the different wings beats and to identify the numerous species in the isle.

Info about the itinerary

  • Difficult level: easy
  • Meeting point: Marina di Campo, on the pier to Pianosa
  • Duration: 4 hours

For further information about Ali su Pianosa (eventually changes of dates, times and itinerary, how to participate), you can visit the official site of the Arcipelago Toscano national park,


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