The best time to visit Elba Island? Anytime

Best time to visit Elba IslandThe best time to visit Elba Island? The answer to this questions is anytime. Elba Island is a place to see all year round. And every season is special.
Moderate climate, and the possibility to plunge into the sea even in this season: this is spring in Elba Island. A recommended season especially for sport. In spring Elba Island is a real paradise for diving, trekking, running, windsurf, climbing, paragliding. Spring is recommended also for nature walks.
Elba Island beaches are famous all over the world for their beauty. In this place there is every kind of beach: sand and stone beach, inlets, cliffs; beaches for families, for diving, for young people, for relax.

And Elba Island is a place for fun-loving people. The most famous Elba discotheques are two, Decò and Club 64. In addition to these, in Portoferraio there are pubs, restaurants, wine bars, where visitors can have a drink, dance or listen to live music.
A magic and suggestive atmosphere. Red, orange and ocher are the prevalent colors of the season. The air is soaked in the scents of vineyards, mushrooms and chestnuts. In this season, there is the possibility to plunge into the sea. And autumn is also a good season for trekking, windsurf and running.
Winter is the best time to spend Christmas holidays on Elba Island. Sant’Ilario Christmas market is a place to see. And New Year’s Eve in Portoferraio, with fireworks and culinary tradition, is an unforgettable experience.


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