The best sea on Elba Island? Discover these 5 beautiful places


Just say the name to evoke dreamy beaches and relaxation. Obviously, we are talking about Elba Island. And you want to know where to find the best sea. A sea that you will not forget so easily. As the one that you can see in the picture.

Beautiful as the sea in these five places.

  1. Spiaggia della Padulella. One of the most beautiful beaches on Elba. Easy to reach from Portoferraio, the main town on the island, the sea will offer you all the shades of blue. Colours enhanced by the white cliffs and the Mediterranean scrub. One of the best beaches on the island.
  2. Palombaia. A very peculiar beach, different from the other beaches on the island. Peculiar for the grey colour of sand and gravel. It is among the least known and the least frequented of Elba. Here, you’ll find the most intense blue that you will ever see on the shore of a beach. Unforgettable.
  3. Spiaggia di Sansone. Another beach easy to reach from Portoferraio. And still a sea with incredible blue shades. The water is so clear and shallow that you can see the bottom for several meters. The beach is about two-hundred-meters long. To be visited when the south winds blow.
  4. Viticcio. It was once a small frazione of Portoferraio. Today, it is a popular tourist destination. Appreciated especially for its sea: five small beaches overlooking an emerald sea.
  5. Spiaggia di Fetovaia. In Marina di Campo, there is a beach touched by an emerald-green sea that is unmatched. The water of Fetovaia, protected by a low promontory, is always very calm. Several services are available on the beach.

And to see these wonderful beaches? There is only one thing to do: book a ferry to Elba Island.


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