The best area on Elba island? It depends on the holiday you dream of

best area Elba Island

What is the best area on Elba island? It is a question to which one cannot give a single answer. Because this destination of the Tyrrhenian Sea has so much to offer to all its visitors. So, before choosing the best area of ​​ Elba island where to stay, you have to decide what kind of holiday you want to live.

We, in particular, can recommend seven types of holidays that can be experienced on Elba island.


1. Beaches

Needless to say, they represent some of Elba’s main attractions, as well as one of the reasons that drive thousands of visitors each year to take a vacation here. The most beautiful beaches of Elba island are located in Portoferraio, Marciana, Marina di Campo and Capoliveri. But, beyond these that are considered the top of the island, in practice all the coast of Elba is a succession of beaches and coves as they are not found anywhere in the world: moving by car or motorcycle, it will be how to make a continuous discovery of enchanting places.


2. History and culture

If holiday is synonymous with historical-cultural attractions to see, then the place to stay must surely be Portoferraio. It is here, in fact, that there are some of the most important monuments and museums of Elba, such as the Medici fortresses, the historic center of Portoferraio, the house of Napoleon, the Roman villas.


3. Vacation with children

For a holiday suitable for children, Elba island offers the mining park, the aquarium, several playgrounds. If the holiday will be in the company of children, then the best area could be one of those where there are children’s beaches on Elba island, that is all the main population centers of the island.


4. Four-legged friends

You can not leave without having your faithful four-legged friend with you. And actually, why should he stay at home while the owners are on holiday? Even in this case, the island has the solution at your fingertips: just stay in the locations where are the various beaches for dogs on Elba.


5. Sport

There are so many sports to practice on Elba island: from diving to trekking, from snorkeling to kitesurfing, from kayaking to mountain biking to the great Elba crossing. The area of ​​Elba island where you can stay could therefore depend on your favorite sporting activity. In this case, there is no specific area to recommend as sports can be practiced practically throughout the island.


6. Fun

This is also a very important aspect of any holiday. Elba island reserves many opportunities to enjoy a little healthy fun: discos, clubs of various kinds, beaches, playgrounds. There is something for all tastes, as much for adults as for children, but most of the entertainment opportunities are concentrated near Portoferraio.


7. Excursions in nature

On Elba island, nature excursions are synonymous with hermitages. These are small communities of monks who were born after the fall of the Roman Empire, when people moved to mountainous areas, more difficult to reach and therefore safer. The hermitages are six and reaching each one of them will be like taking a plunge into history.

In other words, if we talk about the best area of Elba island, you have a rich choice. Because this destination is able to satisfy vacationers of all tastes. And to get there just book a ferry trip.


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