Befana 2018 on the Elba island: 3 events to spend this day with the children

  • Published: 27-12-2017
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befanaJanuary 6th is the day of the Befana. And it is also a day that you want to spend with your children. But you need some good ideas. Well, we can give you three. Three exactly like these events that will be held between 5 and 6 January on the Elba island.


Feast of the Befana (January 5, Rio nell’Elba)

Rio’s Befana festival will take place outdoors. The event will begin in the afternoon, at 3 pm, and the first part will be entirely dedicated to children: inflatable games, hot chocolate, cotton candy and roasted chestnuts will be accompanied by lots of music.
While, at 9 pm, will begin one of the most heartfelt traditions of Rio nell’Elba: the song of the Befana, with many people who will parade through the historic center. The song will end at midnight with the Befana bonfire, a sign of good luck for the new year.

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La Befana comes at night (6 January, Marciana Marina)

It starts at 3 pm in Piazza della Chiesa. All children can have fun with the show of the fires, the acrobatics of jugglers, dances and group games, inflatable rides and make-up for children.

At the end of the day, children will have the socks full of sweets and, as tradition, a puppet (that represents the Befana) will be burned.

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Befana in Portoferraio (6 January)

In the early afternoon, the Befana will arrive in Piazza Cavour, in a central area of Portoferraio, and will bring gifts and sweets to all the children. Afterwards, there will be a bingo for teenagers in the Gran Guardia hall of the Opificio LiberArti (4.30 pm) and the Christmas lottery of the Croce Verde Public Assistance at 9.30 pm.

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So, the Befana 2018 will be an occasion during which only children can have fun? In reality, no, because even the biggest ones can take advantage of it and visit three beautiful cities of the Elba island, like Portoferraio, Rio nell’Elba and Marciana Marina.


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