Fabulous places: the 5 most beautiful beaches to see in Portoferraio

Portoferraio the most beautiful beaches

They are among the most beautiful of the whole island. It would be enough to see them to realize it. Simply heavenly places. These are the most beautiful beaches of Portoferraio.


The most beautiful

  1. Sansone beach. It is set between Capo Bianco and Capo Enfola (two other places worth seeing during a holiday on this island). Unpopulated and quiet beach, to be seen especially when the southern winds blow. The Samson is a crescent of white and polished pebbles, with a clear and transparent sea, just as one would expect from Elba’s beaches.
  1. Padulella beach. Two spurs of white rock that surround it on the sides. White exactly like sand. And this color does nothing more than highlight the turquoise and blue nuances of the sea. In addition, Padulella beach is also uncrowded, even during the high season. It can be reached from the road that leads from Portoferraio to the Delle Ghiaie.
  2. Forno beach. Blue and turquoise are the colors of the sea that laps this small beach. The name derives from the homonymous fishing village which is just a short distance away. It is a beach with various services.
  3. Cala dei Frati. White pebbles coarse grained and polished by the waves of the sea. On one side there is the cliff of Portoferraio, on the other the fortresses medicee. Cala dei Frati is a very sheltered and peaceful beach. And it can only be reached by sea, starting from the Delle Ghiaie beach.
  4. Delle Ghiaie beach. Tranquilly, sun, sea, relax and depths full of life that will delight even the most experienced diver: according to many this small beach of white pebbles is the most beautiful of Portoferraio and of the entire Elba Island.



Beaches yes, but of a certain type. Because you want to feel all the soft little white or golden grains between your toes. The aforementioned Paudella, Delle Ghiaie and Forno are also among the best sandy beaches of Portoferraio. To these three, we must add:

  • Enfola. It is located on a promontory connected to the island by an isthmus about seventy meters long. A small jewel of black and gray sand, Enfola beach will amaze you with its contrasting colors and the blue of the sea.
  • Scaglieri. It is a small beach of golden sand mixed with little gravel. Easily accessible, consider that this beach is always very crowded, so it is better to visit it in the morning.


For children

Among the children’s beaches on Elba Island, three are located in Portoferraio, names that by now you will surely know:

  • Delle Ghiaie;
  • Scaglieri;
  • Forno.

These beaches are sandy, easily accessible and equipped with many services.


Here are the most beautiful beaches of Portoferraio. But certainly not the only ones that the city reserves for all its visitors. And to see them you only need to book your ferry trip in time.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/fiemme

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