The 6 most beautiful beaches in Porto Azzurro: from Barbarossa to Terranera

Porto azzurro beaches

You’ve already seen the most beautiful beaches in Elba Island. And also the ones in the proximities of the location where you are going to stay. But your holiday doesn’t end here: you can have a little trip on the oriental coast to reach Porto Azzurro. And these are the 6 best beaches of the zone.

  1. Reale beach. This beach is not so extended, just 100 meters long. But is made of sand and gravel and it’s easy to reach from the provincial road to Rio Marina. There are not so many services, but it’s great even if you’re with children.
  2. Pianotta Beach. It’s a beach made of very white gravel. It’s just at the end of the Porto Azzurro town: it’s very easy to reach.
  3. Terranera beach. It’s one of the most famous in Porto Azzuro. It’s name comes from the sand and the dark gravel. You can reach it only by the sea and backward the bay there’s a little lake.
  4. La Rossa beach. Sand and gravel for this beach that is located at the entrance of the town, near the provincial road. It’s about 120 meters long and it’s very easy to reach via car.
  5. Barbarossa beach. One of the most famous of the area. It’s 150 meters long and it’s in well protected bay which is about 1 kilometer far from Porto Azzurro. Reaching it by car is very easy.
  6. Mola beach. It’s one of the biggest and it’s about 220 meters long. Made of gravel, it’s easy to reach from the provincial road to Porto Azzurro.

These are the most beautiful beaches in Porto Azzurro, but not the only ones: to discover the others, you should visit this part of the coast of Elba Island.


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