Where to go to the beach on Elba Island? We’ve 6 suggestions for you

Beaches in elba island

The watchword of your next holiday will be just one word: sea. And you want to choose your destination depending on it. You’re probably wondering what are the beaches on Elba Island, so here there are 6 suggestions for you.


1. The most beautiful

Your desire can be summarized in this way: seeing the most beautiful beaches in Elba Island. You want to come back home with the certainty of having seen places which are envied by many countries on earth. The places you mustn’t miss are 10. In this rank there are delle Ghiaie, capo Bianco, Sansone.


2. For children

You’ll have a holiday with your family. So, how should be a beach appropriate for children? Of sand, sufficiently large, easy to reach, with shallow water and with many services. Exactly how the beaches for children on Elba Island are: Marina di Campo, Biodola, Scaglieri, Lacona, delle Ghiaie.


3. Of sand

Expanse of golden sand with turquoise and emerald sea. In other words, what you’re searching for is a “classic” beach, comfortable and easy to reach. From Procchio to Fetovaia, from Cavoli to Laconella, this is a list of the most beautiful sand beaches in Elba Island.


4. The less-known

Your dream is to lay down on a calm beach, not so crowded, and totally immersed in the nature. A place that looks like this is waiting just for you. You’re probably saying that it’s impossible for a place like Elba, renowned for it’s beautiful sea.

But the island has special places, which are also calm and secluded as you desire: these are the less known beaches on Elba Island.


5. Services on beaches

You want a beach with all the services you can desire, even if you’re not with children: beach chair and beach umbrella rent, bar, restaurants. Rest easy: the equipped beaches in Elba island are a lot.


6. For your four-legged friends

Aren’t you thinking about having a holiday and leaving your loyal and beloved four-legged friend at home? No, obviously you’ve never think about it. And you can take it to the beach: the principal beaches for dogs on Elba Island are Mola, Fonza and Marciana Marina (visit the site of the municipality to know where this beaches are).


So, have you chosen where to go to the beach on Elba Island? Now you just have to do one thing: book your ferry trip.

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