Beaches for dogs on the Elba Island: at sea with your four-legged friend

beaches for dogs Elba Island

You know the most beautiful beaches. But you (rightly) want to lie comfortably on the sand in the company of your trusted four-legged friend, companion of all holidays. How to do? Simple: just know what are the beaches for dogs on the Elba Island.



The municipalities of the Elba Island, with its official website, are:

  • Portoferraio,;
  • Campo nell’Elba,;
  • Capoliveri,;
  • Porto Azzurro,;
  • Marciana,;
  • Marciana Marina,;
  • Rio Marina,


Every year, these municipalities publish the updated list of beaches accessible to dogs, with any time slots. Therefore, we advise you to do a first search on the sites we have indicated to keep up to date.


Beaches for dogs

And now, some tips on what may be considered the main dog beaches on the Elba Island:

  • Mola beach. It’s located in the municipality of Porto Azzurro, just behind the bay of the same name. A well-equipped space for all those who want to spend their beach holidays with their dog: an area of ​​five hundred square meters, easily accessible, with umbrellas, deck chairs, cabins and chemical baths.
  • Fonza beach. It stands just outside the town of Marina di Campo, on the provincial road towards Lacona and taking the road that leads to the aquarium of the Elba Island. Once you have followed the signs for Fonza, and over the entrance to a camping, you will find yourself in front of a beach of about one hundred meters (not very large), where access to the dogs is allowed. However, the services are missing.
  • Marciana Marina beach. A part of the beach is reserved for visitors with their four-legged friends. Even here, however, we must pay attention because the entry to dogs is still allowed only in certain time slots (attention because the time slots can vary).
  • Schiopparello beach. This is very close to Portoferraio, a sandy and pebble beach easily accessible from the road leading to Volterraio. There is a part where dogs can access and it’s equipped with a whole range of services.

Before reaching these beaches with your beloved four-legged friend, inquire about the official websites of the respective municipalities.



A separate speech must be made for the bathing establishments. These, as managed by private, can have their own rules to regulate access to dogs.


Good rules

To spend the holidays with your dog on the beach, you must follow some general rules:

  • You must always have a leash and a muzzle;
  • You must always be equipped with everything necessary for the dog waste;
  • Always keep the dog close to you and make sure it does not disturb other swimmers.


These are the beaches for dogs on the Elba Island. One more reason to book your ferry and enjoy a holiday in this wonderful tourist destination.


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