Elba Island: Barbarossa beach, romantic and lively

Barbarossa beach

It has a dual personality. Lively and busy by day. Romantic and charming by evening. Barbarossa beach can satisfy everyone. To visit if you are spending a holiday on Elba Island and you are near Porto Azzurro, on the east coast.


The beach

Barbarossa is enclosed within a bay where the Mediterranean scrub thrives. The beach is not very large, about 160 meters long, it is sandy and the sea has nothing to envy to the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island.

The water remains shallow for many meters, the beach access is easy and there are all the services one may need (such as bars, restaurants, newspapers, boat rental and umbrellas): in other words, it is one of the beaches on Elba Island suitable for children.


When to visit

This depends on the type of holiday you would like to enjoy:

·         During the day, especially during the high season, Barbarossa beach is always very crowded;

·         In the evening, with the moon reflected in the sea, the beach offers one of the most romantic views of the whole island (only beaten by Spiaggia dell’Innamorata, unrivaled in terms of romance).


How to get there

Getting to Barbarossa beach is easy. It can be reached by car (embarked on a ferry to the island), following the signs on the road that leads from Rio Marina to Porto Azzurro.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/70516474@N04

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