Bancarella prize 2018: appointment on Elba island

  • Published: 28-05-2018
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Bancarella prize 2018

Only Elba island is able to give a view like this to all its visitors. In particular, the portrayed destination is Marciana Marina. Where, on July 7th, an event will be held that will delight all lovers of reading and literature: an anticipation of the Bancarella Prize2018.


The 2018 finalists

  • Anna che sorride alla pioggia by Guido Marangoni;
  • I fantasmi dell’impero by Marco Consentino/Domenico Dodaro/Luigi Panella;
  • L’assassinio di Florence Nightingale Shore by Jessica Fellowes;
  • Nostalgia del sangue by Dario Correnti;
  • La regina del silenzio by Paolo Rumiz;
  • Tutto questo ti darò by Dolores Redondo.

The most informed of you will surely have recognized names and titles, while others will have found some good ideas for the next reading. These are the six finalists of the Bancarella prize 2018. They will be present, from 9.45 pm, in Piazza della Chiesa alla Marina.

The evening of 7 July, the inhabitants of Marciana Marina and all those who want to participate can attend the presentation of the six books and ask questions to the authors.


How to get

Have you booked a ferry to Elba island that will take you to Portoferraio? From here, getting to Marciana Marina is very simple.

  • Take the provincial road 24 up to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the provincial road 25 to Marciana Marina.

The journey by car takes about 25 minutes.


Not only books

It is appropriate to say it, since July is also a great month to enjoy a small holiday. And Marciana Marina has a lot to offer you in terms of:

  • Beaches, like Bagno di Marciana Marina, Fenicia and Le Sprizze;
  • Excursions, which will lead you to discover, for example, Monte Capanne, the hermitage of San Cerbone and the sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte.


Elba book festival

Your passion for literature is still not satisfied? There is another event on Elba island that could really suits you: it is about the Elba book festival 2018, the independent publishing festival, which will be held in Rio nell’Elba from 17 to 20 July.


More information

For more information on the 2018 edition of the Bancarella Prize, please refer to the official website of the event,


Image source: Di Luca Aless – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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